Faith Bible Institute

SCIE 201 - Scientific & Biblical Creationism [2 credit hours] Answers your questions about the Creation/Evolution Debate, the dinosaurs, the Flood, the age of the Earth, the fossil record, the gap theory, the canopy theory and the origin of man.


THEO 223 - Doctrine of Prophecy [2 credit hours] A systematic study of the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Antichrist, the One World Government and the Church, the Second Coming, the Millennium, Armageddon and more! Examines the debate concerning the Pre, Mid, and Post-Tribulational Rapture views.


THEO 233 - Doctrine of Angels [1 credit hour] An exciting study of Angels, their nature, origin, ministry and rank. Learn of the archangels, seraphim, cherubim, and fallen angels.


EVAN 201 - Personal Evangelism [1 credit hour] A beginner's course on How to Lead a Soul to Christ. Students will learn, practice, and then go out and share their faith with unbelievers. The emphasis of this course is on doing rather than theory and classroom knowledge.


EVAN 215 - Discipleship Evangelism [4 credit hours] A practical course on How to Reach the World with the Gospel in One Generation through Multiplication Evangelism. Students will learn how to win a soul to Christ and will then actually disciple that person for one year.


BUSI 201 - Biblical Leadership [1 Credit hour] (Weekend Seminar) This 5 session course (2 - 40 Min. Sessions and 3 - 1 Hour Sessions) is a thorough Biblical and practical course that will help you to learn to lead others at church, at home and at work.  You will learn the purpose, importance, the meaning, the qualifications, the influence and the dangers of leadership, as well as how to develop as a leader and how to pass on your leadership to others. This course is designed to be offered as a weekend seminar but can be offered on a weekly basis.


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