Faith Bible Institute  Choosing a Director. One of the steps to starting a school will be choosing a Director to facilitate the class. Before the semester begins your director will receive all of the materials necessary to promote and sign up new class members. Your director will receive shipments of textbooks, workbooks, the DVD video courses, and will be responsible for administering and shipping tests back to us. Your director will also be responsible for setting up the classroom and making sure the DVD player and Television are working properly. That’s it! Whom should I choose? Your director must be responsible and capable of fulfilling the duties in a timely manner. This person should be someone other than the pastor and we recommend a husband and wife team. We have found that husband and wife teams usually make the best directors but whomever you choose should be someone you would trust with these duties and who you and they feel God wants to lead this ministry in your Church.

Start a School

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